Changing Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Feel Confident in Your Choice of Legal Representation

Does your current British Columbia personal injury lawyer:

-Fail to answer your calls and emails punctually?

-Not have the proper knowledge?

-Treat you with discourtesy or disrespect?

-Push you to settle your case for less than what you believe it is worth?

If this sounds familiar, you should know that you have options. Think about it: If you visit a doctor who gives you a diagnosis you are unsure about, you get a second opinion. It’s the same with your legal representation. Unfortunately, many people don’t know their rights.

If your Lawyer is not providing the level of service you deserve or seems unable to get the results you need, it is in your best interest to speak with another lawyer. Any client in a personal injury case has the right to change lawyer at any time. Additionally, in most injury claims, switching Lawyer midway through a case will not result in higher fees.

Make an Informed Decision about Your Case

At Origin Law Group we know that making the decision to hire a lawyer is important and it should be made carefully. When your health, your well-being, and your future are at stake, you want your claim to be taken seriously by lawyers who have spent years handling similar types of cases and have seen success.

If you are thinking about changing your lawyer, take the first step and speak with us at Origin Law Group about what we can do for your case. Contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation at 604-265-8400


Not sure if you have a case? Just let us evaluate it for you!