I met Sumit Ahuja in June of 2019 he had been referral from another single Mother I knew. At this point in time I was already a year and half into a horrific legal battle with regards to child support and guardianship for my son. I had originally been advised that my matter would only take a few months, but even after 18 enduring months there was no end in sight.

The stress of trying to raise a child on my own in addition to the constant legal attacks eventually placed me on long term disability. I was mentally & emotionally drained, and simply needed help to finally end the hell I was in. I was ready to give up the day I walked into Sumit’s office, however after a lengthily conversation he instilled the confidence in me to persevere – I am so glad I did.

Sumit is a unique and rare individual. Once you meet him, you will understand why.

He certainly is not your run of the mill Lawyer which is exactly why you want him on your side. His legal expertise coupled with his own personal life experiences truly make him a force to be reckoned with.
He is smart, clever, and undoubtedly compassionate – a trait which is unparalleled.

When you are fighting for what matters most, Sumit is certainly the person you would want leading the charge. His understanding, intuition, and savvy nature ensure that you will be well looked after during what is sure to be a difficult time in your life.

At the end of six months of diligently working with Sumit, my two and a half years of purgatory had come to an end, and I was finally free to focus on what was important – raising my son.
The outcome with regards to the issue of obtaining child support and guardianship was a suitable one for both my son and I.

However it was having peace back in our lives and the ability to now move forward which was truly the greatest gift of all, and for that we shall always be eternally grateful to Sumit and his team. (pic attached)