Why Origin Law?

Our lawyers and staff have successfully represented clients for over a decade in cases ranging from family law to corporate law to personal injury. Our willingness to go to trial and to fight for our clients is one aspect that sets us apart. Because we thoroughly prepare every case for the courtroom, we naturally have the edge required to obtain strong results in settlement negotiations.

We will keep you fully informed about the progress of your case and avoid “legalese.” Telephone calls and emails will be returned promptly. You will have direct access to your lawyer. We have the resources to combat and defeat the insurance industry. When appropriate we will retain the most qualified doctors, psychologists, engineers, investigators and other industry experts to support your case in negotiations and to prove your case at trial.

We handle cases throughout British Columbia and are conveniently located in Surrey. We also have virtual meeting options for those clients who reside outside of the province and/or country. Our lawyers are happy to come to you if your injury/Covid-19 is keeping you from being mobile. If you are unable to attend our office in person, our lawyers are happy to come see you.

At Origin Law Group, we are committed to obtaining justice on behalf of our clients. It is our sole focus, our mission, and our obligation. Each member of our team commits to:

  • Providing personalized attention and thorough communications to each client at every step of the way.

  • Always keeping your best interests as our primary focus. To always take into account your feelings, opinions, needs, and to always keep your goals as our primary objective.

  • Using all legal, medical and financial resources at our disposal to fight for your rights.

Our Vision

We venture to build our firm’s status by satisfying each of our clients’ needs – one client, and one successful result, at a time. We look forward to growing our support team by adding devoted, personable and accomplished professionals who will enhance our firm. We will grow our legal team by selectively adding lawyers and staff who can bring a diverse approach to client satisfaction

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver to our clients the best possible experience, consisting of comprehensive legal guidance and effective service in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. We personalize our service according to the client’s needs.

The mission of Origin Law Group is to help clients achieve their goals by providing high quality, ethically sound legal and strategic advice. We work with our clients to understand their objectives in order to effectively resolve current issues and anticipate and prevent future problems.

We are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail.

Our Values

Our core values guide the way in which we interact with our clients and each other. They are the standard to which we are accountable in all situations.

  1. Integrity: We are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our decisions, actions and communications. We work with clients openly, honestly and sincerely. When we say we will do something, we will do it; when we say we cannot or will not do something, then we will not.
  2. Excellence: We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do: in our advocacy in court, our up to date knowledge of the law as it evolves , and our strong negotiation acumen.
  3. Trust: Our decisions are consistent with our stated values. We follow through with what we say and we take action.


Not sure if you have a case? Just let us evaluate it for you!