Wills and Estates

Origin Law Group lawyers assist with all facets of estate planning and dispute resolution. We help draw up estate and trust documents; we inform executors and trustees on the legal and administrative obligations of estate administration; and we represent clients in estate challenges and defenses. Our approach is a multi-disciplinary when it comes to our estate files, engaging our commercial, tax and litigation.

We are here to help individuals, families, and companies with the often-complicated work of estate planning and elder care planning.

The decision to work with Origin Law Group lawyer to prepare your Last Will and Testament and your Power of Attorney for Care (or Living Will) signifies an critical step in the organization of your family’s financial and legal affairs. A valid, carefully planned Will is a vital component of your family’s financial future and security. It protects your assets from unwarranted taxation and limits potential probate fees payable by your Estate.

Protecting assets, succession and tax planning, setting up affairs, establishing power of attorney is complex and important work. While you may not like to think of what may happen when you pass away, it is important that you give it careful thought. Guidance at this time is incredibly valuable. At Origin Law Group, we can help you plan for this and ensure that your assets are distributed as per your wish. Then we will design a plan that will address all your concerns and provide you and your family with peace of mind.

Our estate planning services include:

  • Will Preparation
  • Wealth Preservation and Protection
  • Family and Business Succession Planning
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements
  • Creation of Testamentary and Disability Trusts
  • Creation of Family and Inter Vivos Trusts
  • Creation of Alter Ego and Joint Partner Trusts
  • Probate Fee Planning
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney
  • Preparation of Committee Applications
  • Preparation of Representation Agreements
  • Advice related to altering, transferring and maintaining Estate Planning Documents

Your Power of Attorney for Care, which is similar to a Living Will document, empowers one or more trusted persons to make medical decisions on your behalf in critical circumstances, where you may be unable to provide informed medical consent. Careful Estate planning often requires collaboration between your lawyer, accountant and financial advisers, Your Origin Law Group associates can work with you and your family to achieve the optimal plan for your Estate.

Our estate litigation lawyers have extensive background and knowledge in a variety of areas including guardianship applications where capacity is an issue, will challenges, proving wills in solemn form where there are irregularities with a will, estate support applications, spousal claims and elections, constructive and resulting trust claims, requests for removal of estate trustees and passings of accounts, contested and uncontested.

Our service is discreet, confidential, and cost-effective. Initial telephone consultations are available without fee or obligation. Contact Origin Law Group lawyers by email or by telephone at (604) 265-8400 to arrange a consultation.


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